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Kingwood, West Virginia Personal Injury Attorney


Trial Lawyers Serving West Virginia in Personal Injury and Family Law

As the only law firm in Preston County that concentrates on personal injury litigation and trial practice, the attorneys of Estep & Shaffer offer personalized client service and skillful advocacy on a wide range of problems, especially personal injury, Social Security disability claims, divorce and family law.

Contact us in Kingwood to learn how you and your family can benefit from our experience and commitment to our clients' interests. Our reputation for excellence at trial throughout the state is based on a solid record of success in car wreck cases, medical malpractice claims and difficult divorce disputes. Our reputation can also represent an important advantage toward achieving favorable settlements in Personal Injury and wrongful death litigation.

Kingwood Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney: 304-329-6003

There are many advantages to working with a local law firm in a personal injury case. Our attorneys emphasize prompt action, and we usually investigate accident scenes ourselves to protect our clients' interests from the very earliest stages of a personal injury case. We gather the facts, identify the issues, locate the insurance coverage and monitor your medical treatment to develop an accurate idea of the value of your case as quickly as we can. Then we go to work to help you get as much compensation as possible on your injury claims.

For family law clients, the goal in many cases is to use our trial experience to keep your case out of court. We work closely with each client to help you define your goals for yourself and your children in a divorce or other family law matter; then we look for ways to achieve your objectives through a negotiated agreement. In most situations, it only makes sense to take the case to court as a last resort, but our trial experience is a factor that the other side needs to respect in the course of negotiations.

Serving Clients in Preston County, Tucker County, Fairmont and Elkins

We offer free consultations in personal injury or wrongful death cases, and we only collect an attorneys fee if we successfully resolve your claim through a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict. In Social Security disability claims, our fee is a court-approved percentage of the amount we recover in back benefits on your claim.

If you need the advice of an experienced West Virginia personal injury lawyer or family law attorney, contact Estep & Shaffer in Kingwood.