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Kingwood Car Accidents Lawyer


West Virginia Motor Vehicle Injury Lawyer

If you or a member of your family has been hurt in a car accident in northern West Virginia, it makes sense to work with an experienced attorney familiar with local road conditions and court practices before you settle your case with the insurance company. Contact Estep & Shaffer in Kingwood for a free consultation.

We work with people throughout the region who need legal advice about their best options after a car wreck or truck accident. Our clients come from Preston County, Barbour County, Tucker County and the surrounding areas. We also represent people from other states who have been involved in crashes along the I-68 corridor.

The attorneys of Estep & Shaffer are committed to helping people recover the money they need to make up for lost income, medical expenses and the other problems that can result from an injury accident, which include pain and suffering. Even in what seems to be a minor accident, it's easy for a person who hasn't worked with a lawyer to make mistakes in settling the claim. Here are some examples of the common errors you need to watch out for:

  • Omitting injuries because they were overlooked in emergency treatment or didn't become apparent until days or weeks after the crash
  • Making statements to an insurance company that will later be held against you
  • Missing sources of insurance coverage that would have been available to pay your claim
  • Failing to take advantage of your own under insured or uninsured motorist coverage if the other driver's insurance isn't enough to meet all of your claims
  • Failing to provide full proof and documentation of your injuries
  • Failing to negotiate the liens that a hospital, a health insurance provider or your own auto insurer might place against the other driver's insurance

For the Kingwood car accident attorneys at Estep & Shaffer, our objective is to help people collect as much as possible under the law for car accident injuries. Our experience with proof of fault, damages documentation and insurance company practices can protect the value of your claim while avoiding the mistakes that can reduce it.

For Local or Out-of-State Motorist Accidents Call 304-329-6003

Estep & Shaffer offers free consultations for people in local communities like Fairmont, Grafton and Elkins as well as people from other states who were hurt in crashes while driving through West Virginia. Our law firm also represents clients in Personal Injury or wrongful death cases related to motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents and other situations. Contact us in Kingwood to learn more about your legal rights.