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Kingwood Social Security Disability Lawyer


Establishing Your Right to SSDI Benefits in West Virginia

Estep & Shaffer helps people establish their right to benefits under the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits program. The main eligibility criteria are fairly simple to understand: basically, you need to demonstrate recent work history plus proof of a disability that would keep you from working for a period of at least one year.

Although these sound simple enough, most applicants run into problems with the disability benefits process, and even people with strong claims might need to appeal one or more denials before their SSDI benefits are granted. Contact an experienced Kingwood Social Security disability attorney at Estep & Shaffer to learn how we can help you establish your right to benefits.

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Most of the cases we handle involve chronic medical problems — or combinations of problems — that interfere with our client's ability to get or perform a job. SSDI applicants over age 50 have a few advantages over younger people under the Social Security disability procedures, so the facts that can prove a disability for an older applicant might not work for a younger person.

No matter how old or young you happen to be, certain medical impairments can significantly affect your ability to participate in the workforce. Estep & Shaffer's attorneys work with clients who suffer from any of a number of serious health problems, usually related to chronic illness or injury, both physical and mental. These include:

  • Neck or back injuries
  • Severe inflammation or arthritis in joints, such as the wrist, shoulder, knee or ankle
  • Severe diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic pulmonary obstruction
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder

While we can help clients prepare their initial applications for Social Security disability insurance benefits, our lawyers usually become involved most intensively at the administrative appeal stage, which comes after denial of the first application and denial of a request for reconsideration. The administrative appeal is the first chance you'll have to present evidence in support of your SSDI claim, and our Personal Injury trial experience allows us to help you make the most of it.

Our law firm has decades of experience with the presentation of SSDI benefits claims, and we have achieved positive results for our clients in thousands of cases throughout northeastern West Virginia, including such communities as Preston County, Tucker County, Fairmont, Grafton, Elkins, Morgantown and Parsons. To work with an experienced Kingwood Social Security disability attorney, contact our office to arrange a free consultation.