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Morgantown Truck Accidents Lawyer


Damages Claims for Accidents Involving Trucks or Commercial Vehicles

The trial lawyers of Estep & Shaffer represent people who need legal advice after injury accidents involving 18-wheelers, coal trucks, log trucks, delivery vans, or any other commercially operated heavy vehicle.

After you meet with us, you'll understand some of the important differences between a truck injury lawsuit and a damages claim related to a private passenger vehicle crash. Contact our office in Kingwood for a free consultation about your truck accident claim.

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From the client's standpoint, the biggest difference concerns the nature of the injuries. We rarely see minor injuries in the aftermath of a coal truck wreck or a collision with a semi combination. More common are severe brain injuries, back injuries, multiple fractures or fatalities. Your medical expenses alone might be several hundred thousand dollars, and a permanent disability case might generate millions in future care and treatment expenses.

From your attorney's perspective, the fact of commercial liability insurance means that the defense lawyers will be defending payment under million-dollar or multimillion-dollar insurance policies. You will not normally have the option for settling at the policy limits the same way you would in the most serious car accident cases. Instead, you'll need to prove your damages claim in detail, no matter how badly you were hurt. You can also expect that defense experts will challenge your Personal Injury claims before trial and in court before the jury.

At Estep & Shaffer, our attorneys know how to present truck accident injury claims in terms that insurance companies need to take seriously. We work with medical, vocational and life-care planning experts to show the defendant just what it will take to support you for years or a lifetime. Our lawyers also show how the accident affected you and your family for the rest of your lives.

West Virginia Lawyers for Semi Truck, Log Truck or Coal Truck Wreck Cases

We work with truck and commercial vehicle accident clients in the local communities surrounding Preston County and Tucker County, such as Fairmont, Morgantown and Elkins. Estep & Shaffer also represents out-of-state motorists who were injured while driving through West Virginia on I-68 or I-79. To discuss your legal options with a Kingwood truck accidents attorney, contact us for a free consultation.