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Kingwood Family Law Attorney: Practice Areas


Dependable Advice in West Virginia Divorce, Paternity and Adoption

At Estep & Shaffer, our lawyers advise divorcing spouses, unmarried parents and anyone else who needs help resolving a family law problem in northeastern West Virginia. Contact us in Kingwood to learn about the scope of our family law practice and our approach to client service.

Serving Clients in Fairmont, Grafton, Elkins, Parsons and Other Cities

Family law works quite differently from other legal problems. It looks to the future at least as much as it reviews the history of personal and parental relationships. For most situations, family law offers broad guidance rather than specific answers to a person's questions. The courts have a great deal of discretion for resolving disputed issues, and the judge's decision will sometimes be fair and legally sound but unsatisfactory to both parties.

As a result, family law has a way of rewarding people who have a clear understanding of their own rights and responsibilities, who respect the interests of the other people involved in their situation, and who can reach clear agreements on matters in dispute. Our experienced attorneys can help you find the most effective ways to define your goals and develop strategies for achieving them as quickly and completely as possible.

While most of our clients find that they can reach their objectives through negotiated agreement, our trial experience means that we can protect your interests in court whenever necessary.

Call a West Virginia Divorce Lawyer: 304-329-6003

Estep & Shaffer works with people on a wide range of family law issues in Preston County, Tucker County and nearby communities:

  • Divorce
  • Paternity
  • Property division in divorce or domestic partner breakups
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Modification of family law orders
  • Enforcement of child support orders, alimony decrees or other judgments
  • Domestic violence protective orders — obtaining them, enforcing them or defending them

For more information about the most effective available options in your situation, contact a Kingwood family law attorney at Estep & Shaffer.