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Kingwood Personal Injury Lawyer: Practice Areas


Personal Injury Claims and Litigation in West Virginia

If you have been hurt in an accident, you're entitled to expect a lot from your lawyer: honest advice about the strength and value of your legal claims, prompt investigation of the accident scene, careful review of the facts relating to liability and damages, ability to deal with insurance coverage and payment issues, and practical advice about the problems that don't necessarily involve the lawsuit. Contact us in Kingwood for a free consultation with attorneys who can meet all of these needs in both accident cases and Social Security disability benefits claims.

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As a full-service personal injury law firm, Estep & Shaffer works hard to deliver what our clients need at all stages of an accident case. In the earliest stages, our lawyers will let you know if we think that you can achieve just as good a result yourself by working directly with a claims adjuster. We only take cases when we believe that our assistance is necessary to protect your interests. Our attorneys protect clients from such risks as understated damages claims, overlooked sources of insurance coverage, and disputes as to fault or damages.

In the middle stages of a case, our experience with the proof of injury claims and insurance issues protects clients from low settlement offers while we're gathering the information necessary to prove every element of your case. In complicated cases, we work with experts who can testify to matters ranging from the specific defects in a dangerous product to the range of services you'll need during an extended period of disability.

Our trial experience helps us protect the value of a personal injury or wrongful death case if we can't resolve it on fair terms through settlement. Our attorneys are comfortable in court, in front of juries, and in handling evidence. Our familiarity with local communities and court practices in northeastern West Virginia often represents an additional advantage for our clients. Estep & Shaffer's ability to take a case to court not only helps our clients when settlement talks fall through — it also gives the defense and the insurance companies something to think about while we're still in negotiations.

Serving Tucker County, Morgantown, Grafton, Elkins and Fairmont

We represent people on a wide range of accident cases:

For a free consultation about our approach to client service in personal injury, wrongful death or SSDI cases, contact a Kingwood personal injury attorney at Estep & Shaffer.